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Note to Participants

Corporate Transaction Management & Support Introduction

You will probably have noticed the increasing execution risks associated with Corporate Transactions, accompanied by more severe personal and corporate consequences of failure either to complete a transaction on time or to deliver its' benefits to investors. A major reason for this is the ever increasing complexity of deals due to:

  • more commercial issues
  • increased regulation
  • increased speed
  • internationalisation

All of which place more demands on deal participants like you, although these are often more to do with deal administration and the need to find technical solutions to implement commercial agreements, rather than the commercial issues themselves.

As a result, the good management of corporate transactions is increasingly important. If your company has a regular flow of deals, you may be able to justify the resources to manage them internally without the diversion of management time damaging your business. Equally, you may be happy to delegate the task to one of your advisers. However, neither option is ideal. The cost of maintaining an in-house capability is too high for all but the largest corporations. Advisers do not usually allocate senior staff to project management because they are expensive and their role is to provide you with advice but the junior staff who normally end up project managing frequently do not have the experience to appreciate the complexities.

We offer an alternative. we use our experience to manage the corporate transaction process on your behalf so allowing you to focus on the technical and commercial issues. We can also help with the multitude of tasks that you have to complete during the course of a transaction. The following pages summarise and set out the benefits of our approach. We have also prepared a more detailed Aide Memoire which sets out the various elements of the transaction process and how we can help you with them.

Please feel welcome to contact us if you would like to discuss how we could help you, particularly if you are contemplating a transaction and would like to establish what it will entail. Remember, prior preparation and planning prevent poor performance so the sooner we are involved the lower your risk of failure.