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Managing the Corporate Transaction Process
on Your Behalf

Haddocks Limited manages the corporate transaction process on behalf of clients who do not have the resources to do the job in-house and do not want to delegate to one of their existing advisers for reasons of cost, independence or technical ability.

We have access to a number of experienced interim managers who can be called upon as required.

By utilising our previous experience in a structured way we enable clients to:

make more effective use of their management, staff and advisers' time resulting in:
more focus on the commercial and technical aspects of the transaction
less disruption to their business;
have greater control over the transaction process resulting in:
shorter lead times
reduced risk of failure to complete on schedule
retain full control over the solutions adopted without dedicating as much time and resources to identifying them; and
use our independence of all the other advisers, particularly those with third party obligations, to protect their interests.

As well as project management we can also help with many of the myriad tasks associated with a corporate transaction such as financial modelling, accounts preparation, document drafting, negotiations with lenders, etc. etc. .

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